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RookieBabe Becky is another beauty from the Wolverine State. When she's not listening to Britney Spears and snacking on Dorritos or working in Retail Sales you can find her shopping at Hollister or Marshall Fields wearing lip gloss and saying her favorite word, WAZOO! =)
Rookie Babe Becky's Interview

RB: How would you describe your personality?
Becky: Funny, outgoing, selfless, compassionate.

RB: Name three items that you could not live without.
Becky: Cell phone, hair straightener, lip gloss

RB: What's one thing that really pisses you off?
Becky: Skanky bitches trying to get with your man.

RB: What are your three favorite songs?
Becky: Britney - Toxic, Jessica Simpson - With You, Ashley Simpson - La La

RB: What are your three favorite drinks?
Becky: Buttery Nipple, Red Headed Slut, Bud Light

RB: What's your favorite word?
Becky: WAZOO

RB: If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
Becky: I would buy a house on the beach and a pink corvette.

RB: What question do you wish we had asked you?
Becky: I wish you had asked me why all these questions are so lame.


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